The Goddard Cup

Site: Bonneville Golf Course

Date:  July 12, 2018 (Morning)


What is the Goddard Cup?

The idea behind this new event was to offer Ryder Cup style matches for some of the top women and senior women amateur golfers from around Utah.

This event was created to reward those women who have played well in women's competition in the state of Utah during a given year with a day of fun competition on the UGA.  Twelve total players (8 Regular and 4 Senior) will be invited via the WPPR and SWPPR list.  Players will be split into two teams for a one day competition at premier facility in Utah.  Participants will play a concurrent singles and four-ball match which will be follwed by lunch with the media. Players will also receive a UGA golf polo to represent their team. 

This event was named in memory of Jeannie Goddard, to honor a woman who has done so much for women’s golf in Utah.

Each team member must agree to participate in all functions relating to the Goddard Cup Matches and must be current members of the UGA.


The last event that will count in the Player Performance Rankings before teams are selected: Mary Lou Baker Open

Eligibility for the event is as follows:


1-      First eligible on WPPR Rankings 

2-      Second eligible on WPPR Rankings 

3-      Third eligible on WPPR Rankings 

4-      Fourth eligible on WPPR Rankings 

5-      Fifth eligible on WPPR Rankings 

6-      Six eligible on WPPR Rankings 

7-      Seventh eligible on WPPR Rankings 

8-      Eight eligible on WPPR Rankings



1-      First eligible on SWPPR Rankings 

2-      Second eligible on SWPPR Rankings 

3-      Third eligible on SWPPR Rankings 

4-      Fourth eligible on SWPPR Rankings