UGA Rules of Golf Workshop

During the winter of 2018-2019 the UGA will offer a Rules of Golf Workshop. The classes will cover all of the new rules and are designed for the novice and expert alike. 


National USGA/PGA Rules of Golf Workshops

Since 1975, The PGA of America and the USGA, working together to support the best interests of the game, have offered to the public a series of workshops on the Rules of Golf. This annual cooperative effort brings together a significant number of the most knowledgeable thinkers and educators on the Rules of Golf to offer a variety of workshops around the United States for anyone interested in learning more about the worldwide code that governs the playing of the game

Multiple different workshops are available at many locations around the country.

  1. Fundamentals of the Rules of Golf: a two-day workshop covering the fundamentals of the Rules of Golf and the principles upon which the Rules of Golf are developed.
  2. Rules of Golf Workshop: a 3½-day workshop covering all 34 Rules of Golf, unabridged and in detail.
  3. 85+ Rules of Golf Workshop: a 3½-day workshop covering all 34 Rules of Golf, unabridged and in detail for individuals who have demonstrated a very high level of Rules knowledge by scoring 85 or higher in the past four years on the 100-question PGA/USGA Rules of Golf exam given in conjunction with three-and-a-half-day workshops.

Click Here to view the 2018 USGA/PGA Rules of Golf Workshop schedule and infomation


UGA Member Club Seminars

Did you know that the UGA offers 1 or 2 hour Rules of Golf seminars to its member clubs free of charge?  The seminars are great for opening day banquets or junior days at your club.  If you would like the UGA to visit your club to conduct an interactive presentation on the Rules of Golf at your club please contact UGA Director of Rules and Competitions Easton Folster at (801)563-0400 or via e-mail at [email protected]

Seminars can be given Mondays - Saturdays.  Dates are dependent upon staff scheduling.  We do ask that the club have at least 10 atendees for the seminar.


If you have any rules questions please contact the UGA Director of Rules and Competitions Easton Folster at (801)563-0400  or at [email protected]