Some of our member clubs have 9-hole ladies leagues that require their league participants to have a 9-hole Handicap Index. This is a service that we provide for those leagues and for ladies who may not ever play 18-holes. An “N” immediately following a Handicap Index indicates it is based on 9-holes (e.g., 8.2N). If a golfer with a 9-hole Handicap Index is playing 18-holes, simply double their Handicap Index and then apply the index to the slope of the 18-hole course.

If a player with an 18-hole Handicap Index needs to calculate their 9-hole Handicap Index, divide the Handicap Index by 2, round to the nearest hundredth, and apply to the slope of the 9-holes being played. Some courses have very different slopes on the front and back so it is important to apply the index to the specific 9-holes being played.  

Unless they are required to have a 9-hole handicap index at their respective club, we suggest that all ladies who may play 18-holes at some point in time have an 18-hole Handicap Index.