Your membership with the Utah Golf Association benefits you in various ways. Not only are you supporting the growth of the game in Utah, you receive over $1,100 in discounts and benefits, opportunities to play private country clubs for a small fee, the ability to play in tournaments throughout the state, and your Handicap Index. We are committed to finding the best benefits for our members and we are always looking for ways to protect and grow the game in Utah.

We often get calls from members who have renewed their membership with the USGA instead of the UGA. The USGA, or United States Golf Association, is the national organization that writes the Rules of Golf and Handicapping Manual, and they also conduct various amateur and professional competitions. The USGA supports organizations like the UGA by providing handicapping and tournament software, providing answers to rules and handicapping questions, researching agronomy in the various regions of the nation, and by growing this game that we all love. Your membership with the USGA also provides you benefits, but the only way to get your Handicap Index is through a state or regional golf association like the Utah Golf Association.