Below you will find helpful links to handicapping tools and resources:


Post a Score

Click the link above to post your scores at your conveinence. 

Handicap Lookup

Refer to this page to lookup your Handicap Index. 

Course Handicap Calculator

Use this tool to find out what your Handicap Index is at different courses. 

USGA Handicap Manual

Want to find out everything that there is to know about Handicapping and Course Rating? The USGA Handicapping Manual has all of the answers and is a great resource for beginners and seasoned veterans. 

Report an Exceptional Tournament Score

Do you know someone who has shot a tournament score that is outside of their normal range? Refer to the link above to learn how to notify our handicapping experts. 

Score Posting Seasons

Northern Utah (Defined as all courses outside of St. George area ):  March 15-November 14

Southern Utah (St. George area):  Year round

Handicap Seminars

For information on scheduling a seminar please email [email protected]