Committee Structure

UGA Board Committee Descriptions and Assignments - Fiscal Year 2018 (November 1, 2017 to October 31, 2018)


Purpose: The executive committee shall be comprised of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and immediate past president (ex officio).  This committee shall be responsible for developing and monitoring the Association’s annual budget, relationships with the Utah Section of the PGA, the USGA, and other allied golf organizations, long range planning and other matters requiring executive level consideration and involvement.  

  • President:  Randy Hadfield*
  • Vice President: Brian Hulse
  • Secretary:  Amy Mayberry
  • Treasurer:  Joel Welber
  • Immediate Past President:  Reese Nielsen (Ex Officio)


Co-Chairs:  Steve Brinton and Reese Nielsen

Purpose: To ensure that the UGA is in compliance with the USGA in regards to issuing handicaps throughout Utah.  In addition this committee will assure that UGA member clubs are licensed users of the USGA Handicap System which includes having a handicap chairman and committee in place at all member clubs.

  • Board Member:  Kurt Bernhisel
  • At Large:  Doug Vilven, Dustin Volk and Jared Barnes
  • Staff:  UGA Membership Director (Kelsey Chugg)

Course Rating

Chair:  Reese Nielsen

Vice-Chair:  Stew Walz

Purpose: To complete Course Rating and measuring as needed to uphold the integrity and accuracy of the USGA Handicap System. The chairman(s) and staff will ensure that the team leaders of the course rating committees as well as the volunteers who participate in course ratings receive the necessary training on an annual basis to ensure consistency.

  • At Large:  Dennis Wood, Jim Mitchell, George Allen, Judy Nielsen, Martha Scott and Lisa Meeks 
  • Staff:  UGA Controller (Lisa Imamura) and UGA Programs Administrator (Megan Huntsman)


Championship and Competitions

Chair:  Brian Hulse

Purpose:  To work with the UGA staff in conducting UGA Championships in accordance with the Rules of Golf.  This committee will review and update championship policies as well as review and enhance all competitions under the UGA umbrella.

  • Board Members:  Amy Mayberry, Joel Welber, Steve Brinton, Stew Walz and  Mike Bailey 
  • Designated Members:  Men's Advisory Subcommittee Chair (Kurt Bernhisel), Women's Advisory Subcommittee Chair (Leanne Wilcox),  Utah State Amateur Chairs (Randy Hadfield*) and Women's State Amateur Chair (TBD)
  • Staff:  UGA Director of Rules and Competitions (Jacob Miller)
    • ​​Subcommittees:
      • Men's Advisory
        • ​Chair:  Kurt Bernhisel
        • Vice-Chair: Richard Church
          • ​At Large: Members: TBD
          • Staff:  UGA Rules and Competitions Director (Jacob Miller)
      • Women's Advisory
        • ​Chair:  Leanne Wilcos
        • Vice-Chair:  Amy Mayberry
          • ​At Large: Members: TBD
          • Staff:  UGA Membership Director (Kelsey Chugg), Controller (Lisa Imamura), UGA Rules and Competitions Director (Jacob Miller) and UGA Programs Administrator (Megan Huntsman)

Business Development 

Chair:  Mark Jensen

Purpose:  To work with the UGA staff and Fairways Media the marketing arm of the Association to identify potential new member benefits and sponsorships.  To review and implement a marketing plan to promote the association to both current and prospective members to improve our visibility.  Identify ways to increase revenues for the UGA.  

  • Board Members:  Amy Mayberry and Mike Bailey
  • Staff:  UGA Membership Director (Kelsey Chugg) 


Chair:  Joel Welber

Vice-Chair:  Steve Brinton

Purpose:  To report on the current financial status of the association.  To review, report and assist the UGA staff with maintaining current and accurate financial records.  This committee will propose the budget at the October board meeting.  In addition this committee will recommend specific investment strategies to the entire board.

Board Member: Richard Church
Staff:  UGA Controller (Lisa Imamura)

Nominations and Recognition

Chair:  Amy Mayberry

Vice-Chair:  Kurt Bernhisel

Purpose:  To recommend to the UGA Board of Directors nominees for the following: Gold Club Award, Utah Senior Open Honoree, Hall of Fame* and the nominations of new board members and oversee the election and voting process.  This committee will also review potential new awards and make recommendations to the board on such awards.

*The Hall of Fame will work in conjunction with the Utah PGA.

  • Board Member:  Mark Jensen
  • Staff:  Membership and Administration (Shauna Newren)

Junior Golf

Chair:  Richard Church

Vice-Chair:  Stew Walz

Purpose:  To work with the various junior golf entities in Utah and to promote golf at the grass roots level as well as provide opportunities on the national level for championship junior players.

Board Members:  Richard Church and Mike Bailey

Staff:  Controller (Lisa Imamura) and UGA Programs Administrator (Megan Huntsman)

At-Large:  Jon Oglesby and Annie Fisher 

Volunteer and Rules Education

Chair:  Denise Vilven

Vice-Chair:  Leanne Wilcox

Purpose:  To work with the UGA staff in recruiting and coordinating volunteer efforts for the following activities:  membership initiatives, competitions and rules education.  This committee will work with the Championship and Competitions committee to assist in volunteer recruitment for UGA Championships.

  • At Large:  Doug Vilven, Keith Hansen and Doc Iverson
  • Staff:  Director of Rules and Competitions (Jacob Miller)

Government Affairs Committee

Chair:  Mike Bailey

Purpose:  Work on initiatives set forth by the Golf Alliance of Utah (GAU) and potential legislature that will positively or negatively affect the golf industry in Utah.

  • Board Members:  Amy Mayberry
  • Staff: Controller (Lisa Imamura)

Utah Golf Foundation Representatives

Purpose:   To provide coordination between the UGA and Utah Golf Foundation Board of Directors.  

  • UGA Board Representative:  Joel Welber
  • UGA Board Representative:  Steve Brinton
  • Staff:  UGA Executive Director 

* Ex-Officio member of all Committees

** Advisor to all Committees