UGA Gold Club Award    

The UGA Gold Club Award is presented annually to an individual who through significant achievement or unselfish service has contributed to the history and tradition of the game of golf in Utah, and whose personal integrity, sportsmanship, common courtesy, loyalty, and friendship earn them the love and respect of their fellow golfers.


Utah Golf Hall Of Fame     

The Utah Golf Hall of Fame honors special individuals who have left their mark on Utah golf. 



UWGA Lady Award     

As an annual tribute to the Utah Women's Golf Association, the Utah Golf Association honors one woman who has given back to the local golf community.


Volunteer of the Year       

The UGA Could not function in the same capacity without the dedicated help of our volunteers.  These extraordinary people give their time and energy back to the game we all love in many different capacities.  Each year the UGA will recognize one volunteer who has demonstrated outstanding commitment and contribution to the UGA with our Volunteer of the year award.


Player of the Year       

The Utah Golf Assoiation recognizes the top Women's Senior Amateur, Women's Amateur, Senior Men's Amateur and Men's Amateur players each season at the UGA Annual Awards Dinner.  Click on the link above to view the past award winners..